A rare view of the aurora borealis, shot from a field in...Arkansas?

A massive burst of solar wind made contact with Earth's magnetic field Monday evening, giving rise to some uncharacteristically bright northern lights that were visible even at some of Earth's not-so-northern latitudes.

Take the view of the aurorae up top, for example, captured by storm chaser Brian Emfinger from a field in Ozark, Arkansas.


Emfinger says that Monday evening was only the second time in ten years that he's seen the aurora borealis as far south as Arkansas, and that they were the most impressive he's ever witnessed:

"[The view was] extremely vivid, the most vivid I have ever seen. There was just 15 to 20 minutes where it really went crazy."


Check the timelapse video on the left, also composed by Emfinger, to get a feel for what he's talking about.

You can check out more mind-blowing images of Monday's spectacular geomagnetic storm at spacewather.com and Universe Today.


[Via The Boston Globe]
Top image and time lapse via Brian Emfinger

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