A rapid-fire account of WWII as it was fought on America's homefront

Last week we showed you CrashCourse's animated video about the United States' contribution to World War II. They've now released part two, an account of what transpired on America's homefront.


The episode is described thusly:

You'll learn about how the war changed the country as a whole, and changed how Americans thought about their country. John talks about the government control of war production, and how the war probably helped to end the Great Depression. A broader implementation of the income tax, the growth of large corporations, and the development of the West Coast as a manufacturing center were also results of the war. The war positively changed the roles of women and African Americans, but it was pretty terrible for the Japanese Americans who were interred in camps. In short, World War II changed America's role in the world, changed American life at home, and eventually spawned the History Channel.

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