A radical new theory by a well-respected scientist suggests that consciousness is a state of matter, like a liquid or gas. According to MIT's Max Tegmark, "perceptronium" gives rise to various types of consciousness when certain mathematical and physical conditions are met.

Conceivably, the theory could be formulated as a set of problems that can be explored and tested.


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Oy! First Penrose's nonsense and now this. Spare me! It's called "speaking outside your area of expertise," Max, and many others have mistakenly gone down that all too well traveled road before.

Seriously all the biologists and neurologists should take these arrogant physicists out behind the chemical sheds and force them to read Gerald Edelman before allowing them to spout such drivel. The surrogate spook of physics must be cast out of cognitive science.

And no, I'm not interested in discussing New-agey quantum la-la with random Internet passers-by. Expect no further replies to any of this and expect lots of dismissals if I think you're a crank.