A quirky short musical about a deadly disease that makes its victims break out into song—starring Doug Jones!

Have you ever watched a musical and hoped the singers would suddenly drop dead? Sudden Death delivers the deadliest song and dance numbers this side of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Once More with Feeling." Los Angeles finds itself in the grip of a deadly plague that causes its victims to break out into song and dance—immediately before dropping dead.


With appearances by a bare-faced Doug Jones and John Larroquette, Sudden Death is a clever and highly self-aware little film. You may recall the trailer from our Cult Movie Worship, but after a loop on the festival circuit, it has been posted online. Will the research team find a cure in time? Or will a blossom romance divert the entire project with song?


[Sudden Death the Movie via Geek Art Gallery]

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Damn you ! Like I needed to obsess again over an other redhead actress!

Autumn Hurlbert, you are just a B cup. The B is for beautiful.