A Quiet Place Sequel Creeps Silently Toward a March 2020 Release Date

Image: Paramount Pictures.

We don’t yet know the name of the sequel to A Quiet Place, but we know the silence will be falling down upon us a little earlier than expected.

While initially scheduled by its distributor Paramount Pictures for a May 15th release date, Variety now reports that the film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 20, 2020, almost a full two months ahead of schedule.

The sequel, which will see John Krasinski returning to direct and Emily Blunt returning to star, will also feature Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe reprising their roles, with Cillian Murphy joining up as well.


As Variety points out, the shakeup likely has something to do with Sonic the Hedgehog, which is delayed while animators try to work out his whole, uh, face situation. With Sonic moving, Paramount is having to rejigger its whole release schedule. Which is good for horror fans, and also for people who just really enjoy peace and quiet.

Or, well, at least quiet.

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THIS GUY. This fucking guy from the Office - made the first one (so brilliantly written/acted/directed)

I need to stop judging books by their covers!