A pulp-style bug attack movie with science heroes!

I love the teasers for this pulpy flick about dimension-hopping bugs who attack 1940s America. Luckily, Professor Jack will come to the rescue - using science! And fighter planes! Now you can help fund the completion of this swashbuckling tale.


The filmmakers are asking people on Kickstarter to help them finish the sound design for the movie - and they only need a little bit more to meet their goal! Won't you consider helping Professor Jack sound his best while he zooms through the skies to stamp out monsters from the unknown?

Here's what the filmmakers say about what they've created, and what your donation will help to fund:

IT CAME FROM YESTERDAY is the feature film that launches scientist Professor Jack into unknown realms of adventure. With the help of his sidekicks, The Electric Club, Jack battles an evil insect-like race in this retro creature feature.

Taking place in a complete virtual environment and shot 100% on green screen, the film has been a three year labor of love for producers Jeff Waltrowski and Steve Tolin. The journey has not only taken them through pre-production, shooting, and editing, but has also guided them through completion on all 1500 visual effects needed for the film. Before IT CAME FROM YESTERDAY can reach its audience, the film has one final step to completion and the filmmakers have one final leg of their journey.

Although, the work that goes into creating a sound mix may be relatively short compared to the 18 months that were spent creating the visual effects, the sound design of a motion picture can ultimately become 50% of the viewing experience. Watch a film with the sound off and you will notice this instantly. Every footstep, every crinkled leaf or every 20 ft. tall evil robot makes a sound. In a film that was shot entirely in front of a green wall, this is ever more apparent. Elements that were created in the computer may not even exist in the real world. It's up to the filmmakers to be able to create that soundscape for the audience.

It's the filmmakers' hope that Kickstarter and your generosity will help them complete this final step in seeing their creation breathe life onto the screen allowing the audience to see, live, and of course, hear the adventure.


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I'd like to find a way to take money AWAY from Kickstarter to stop this. The stuff you guys are championing these days...