A Proposal for Detroit: Turn a blighted neighborhood into a giant zombie theme park

With so many of Detroit's buildings abandoned, plans are underway to gradually move residents out of some neighborhoods entirely. But what is going to happen to all those neglected buildings? One group thinks it has the answer in the form of the ultimate zombie theme park.


Z World Detroit, a "broad-based effort composed of like-minded, creative professionals," is trying to raise funds to convert roughly 200 acres of Detroit into the perfect location for a zombie apocalypse game. Their plan is to create a safe space that makes use of the already abandoned buildings. Players would stay in the park overnight and play as humans — and then, depending on how poorly they do, perhaps zombies. The groups says its aim is to turn a perceived liability — streets filled with abandoned buildings — into an asset.

It's a clever idea, and it sounds like the group plans to maintain the structural integrity of playable buildings while demolishing those that are beyond repair, perhaps ensuring that these buildings, for all their apocalyptic looks, won't fall into further disrepair. It's a bit surprising, though, that they're turning to crowdfunding for the project — attempting to raise $145,000 through IndieGoGo. It seems like a project of this magnitude, which would require permits, insurance, inspections, and probably no small number of renovations, would demand a business plan and investors who believe in Detroit revitalization. It's always encouraging, though, to see people putting such a creative eye toward revitalizing their city.

Z World Detroit [IndieGoGo via Laughing Squid]


Dr Emilio Lizardo

I dunno. It probably takes an obscene amount of money to keep 200 acres of crumbling buildings in a crumbling-but-safe condition.