Ross Putman is a film producer with a few credits under his belt, and now he’s started a Twitter feed where he just tweets the initial descriptions of female main characters in the movie scripts he’s reading. It’s endlessly fascinating, and kind of garbage.

According to Putman’s Twitter bio, “These are intros for female leads in actual scripts I read.” The only change he makes is that he changes all the names to Jane. Taken one at a time, these descriptions are kind of funny, like descriptions from old 1940s pulp novels.


But when you read 20 of these in a row, it starts to feel kind of creepy and weird. Especially when you take in the part about “female leads.” In other words, these are the main characters (or female main characters, at least) in movies that people are trying to get made, and the writer of that movie only thinks of these characters in terms like “leggy” or “sexy.” Urk.

Here are a few of the most notable:

[Thanks Saladin Ahmed, from whom I also stole the top image]

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