A Predator Hunts Medieval Knights In This Action-Packed Fan Film

One of those extraterrestrial trophy hunter swings by Earth during the Crusades in the fan film Predator: Dark Ages. After dead bodies start piling up, a party of Templar Knights is sent to find a “demon,” which turns out to be a familiar alien killer.

Predator: Dark Ages was written and directed by James Bushe, with Simon Rowling as director of photography. The fan film was made following a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it’s a fun one, even if Predator technology against crossbows and swords doesn’t seem the least bit sporting.


[via Quiet Earth]

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Well. It’s alright. It could be a bit brighter. Medieval people like colour. The fighting was okay to poor, but the Predator effects were great, and overall this worth a watch since it is free on YouTube.

Sword on the back trope, go away. Sword-pushing strength contest trope, go away. Sorry, had to be mutterd about somewhere.

Also, I felt that Thomas, the lead, was pretty much James Purefoy from Ironclad. Templar who has seen so much looking to retire, but called for one last battle.