A possible Avengers villain, Captain America's amazing evolving uniform, and a look at the second half of Caprica!

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Did an actor just imply he's the Avengers villain? Captain America discusses how his shield and uniform change with his situation. The Let Me In director explains changing cultural context. Plus the first look at Caprica, Priest, and Drive Angry!


Loki actor Tom Hiddleston gave a sort of non-denial denial when asked if Loki will appear in The Avengers, saying he wasn't sure whether he's allowed to say. Honestly, you can pretty much read that however you want, but a point in favor of the "Loki's in Avengers" interpretation is that he's been rumored as the movie's villain for awhile. [CinemaBlend]


Captain America:

Here's the reliably quote-worthy Chris Evans on how his suit and shield change throughout the film:

"It's a World War II movie, so I think a little bit of a cumbersome feel to it and something that's a bit chunkier … not only serves the time period, I think it looks better. It's not this sleek spandex suit. It looks like something you might wear in the '40s in the middle of a war." … "There's a couple stages and initially in the script, Steve isn't Captain America right away. He gets the injection and isn't asked to go to war right off the bat. He's used in different areas and different facets, so he has different stages of the suit. I don't think he actually jumps into the final suit until the third act of the film.

"Well, during the USO tour, there's obviously a different shield. And he goes on a couple missions, he goes AWOL and kind of takes the USO shield. And eventually, once he's kind of allowed to be this soldier, and they outfit him with the new uniform, they decide to outfit him with an updated shield."


Let Me In:

Director Matt Reeves says he thinks his version actually is a closer tonal match for the book than the original Swedish film. He noted that both the book and the first movie are very Scandinavian, and he sought to successfully transplant the story into a more accessible American context. For instance, he moved the action away from a planned community, which is very common in Sweden but rare in the US, to the Reagan-loving suburbs of the 1980s. [MTV]


And here's a new poster: [CinemaBlend]

Transformers 3:

Something must be seriously wrong with the universe (did everything just taste purple for a second?), because there's barely any set photos this morning. But at least what little we have gives us a good look at Shia LaBeouf and Patrick Dempsey: [SpoilerTV]


And here's an extended version of the set video we showed you a few days back:


Michael Bay Dot Com in Chicago (Extended) from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

Here's another clip to whet your appetite:

Click to view


We finally have an image from James Gunn's awesome-looking superhero comedy, starring Rainn Wilson: [Wired]


Drive Angry:

I hope everyone can handle this level of awesome so early in the morning, because here's a thirty second teaser for the Nic Cage movie where he's escaped from Hell to save his granddaughter from an evil cult while driving fast cars, blowing shit up, and evading the Devil. (I believe it's a Dickens adaptation.) Keep in mind, this is only like a quarter of the full insanity we saw at Comic Con:


Somehow, after thirty seconds of Drive Angry, superpowered monks fighting vampires in a charred, dystopian hellscape seems sorta tame, but make no mistake - this looks plenty insane as well:


The Crow:

In one of the more cosmically random yet oddly pleasing pairings I've ever seen, Australian singer and badass Nick Cave is reworking the script for the reboot of The Crow. He did write the frequently brilliant Aussie western The Proposition, so this isn't utterly insane...but it's still kinda close. [TheWrap]



Darren Aronofsky's much-rumored reboot can pull up a chair next to Darren Aronofsky's Watchmen adaptation in canceled movie heaven, because it's been all but officially scrapped, another victim of MGM's bankruptcy. [Moviehole]



Get a good look at the shape of things to come on the second half of Caprica's first season with this trailer:

True Blood:

Here's a promo for episode 7, "Hitting Ground":


The fourth episode will reportedly be called "The Third Man." [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who:

Neil Gaiman says he's written a sixth (and hopefully final) draft of his episode. He had to rewrite parts because he unintentionally wrote what he calls "a Very Expensive Episode", and he's also got to adjust the stories for the new series six status quo. [Neil Gaiman]


Here's an interview with Steven Moffat. It's mostly about his new Sherlock Holmes update, but does get into a very interesting discussion of how the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes are similar and how they're different:


Russell T. Davies says this series will be going to very dark places, just like Children of Earth. He confirmed he's writing the first episode, but it's still to be confirmed whether he'll be doing any more. He's working with an American-style writer's room for this series, although he points out this isn't all that different from how British prime-time soaps are run, and he's worked on those. The series will again start with a reintroduction of the characters for the new Starz audience, much like Children of Earth reintroduced the characters for the new BBC audience. [Doctor Who Online]


Stargate Universe:

The new season starts September 28. That's also when Sanctuary restarts, on the off-chance anyone cares. [Den of Geek]


Falling Skies:

Sarah Carter, who's been on Shark and played Alicia Baker on a couple Smallville episodes, has reportedly joined the cast. She's going to be a regular on the show, playing a member of a motorcycle gang. [Deadline]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.

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I liked Sanctuary! I just wish they'd bring Ashley back. Feels like less of what it was without her.

But I like it. I thought it was a unique idea, which is difficult to find these days, and I liked the acting and cast, and the stories also were enjoyable, although not always the most amazing works of plot.

In fact, although I kept defending it and trying to like it, I find myself just disappointed with Stargate Universe, and hoping they'll try to be more like the Good parts of Stargate and Battlestar, then just trying to mash them and see what they get. Forcing the character moments is the opposite of what Battlestar did, and ignoring the fun / exploration is the opposite of what Stargate did. I get that it's supposed to be gritty. Why can't it also be fun?