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It seems fitting that the man whose company produced tons of e-waste should be immortalized in this way. San Francisco collage artist Jason Mecier built this incredible portrait of Apple founder Steve Jobs out of 20 pounds of discarded phones, memory sticks, boards, and more.


Apple products like iPhones and iPods make up an enormous amount of the toxic e-waste piles that are growing all across the world. Mecier's portrait reminds us of this, while also recycling some of that waste into a beautiful thing.

Over at the Bold Italic, Jennifer Maerz writes:

Look closely and you can see bits of cell phones, iPods, headphones, Macintosh keyboards, CD-Rs, batteries, mice, memory sticks, and other upcycled trash from Apple. It took Mecier 40 hours to put these pieces together. But as with everything Mecier creates, the real thrill is in watching junky elements combine to create a colorful portrait of an icon.


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