A Pilot Remembers Why She Dreamed of Space Travel in This Lovely Animated Short

Image: screen grab via Vimeo
Image: screen grab via Vimeo

In Cécile Carre’s short Burn Out, an intergalactic repairwoman makes an emergency landing on a planet that appears deserted—except for an oddly familiar little girl, who helps her remember why she wanted to blast into the stars in the first place. The meaning is obvious, but the execution is rather beautiful .


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I got a job at NASA literally years after I had “given up” on my childhood dream of working for them. I always thought that to “properly” work in the space industry you needed to have an advanced degree from a top 5 university, otherwise you’d be stuck working some “normal” 9-to-5 job that will end up being just as tedious and routine and boring as the same 9-to-5 job at any other big corporation.

Welp, I was wrong. I got my dream job, but one thing I learned over here is that no one here thinks they have a “normal” job and it seems like no one here finds it routine or boring or tedious. Everyone I’ve met so far thinks they have the coolest job on the planet and it seems like they haven’t lost any of their enthusiasm, no matter what job they do and no matter how long they’ve been working here (and NASA is one of those places where people stay for decades, unlike startups where people will hop around every couple of years). There’s a common sense of purpose and camaraderie over here that I’ve never encountered in any other job I’ve had, such that I can’t imagine cynics remaining cynics for very long here.

So I call shenanigans on this video for implying that someone who works so closely with space exploration can feel so jaded that she doesn’t consider herself a space explorer! 😜