It looks like a crazy, doctored photo but this "glass tank" wine glass is completely real. It's one of a collection of strange objects created by Kyouei Designs, which also include a chair made of wire and a water clock.

These are just a few of the Japanese design firm's speculative home decorations, all of which can be purchased on their site. You can also buy other futuristic items for your high-tech home, like a DVD which cycles through all the colors of the rainbow, so you can pause your giant flat-screen TV on a color which "suits the mood" at parties. Presto - your TV is now a glowing panel straight out of Logan's Run. See the whole collection via the Kyouei Designs website.


Glass Tank. The designers say:

it is a glass for drinking a lot.
a device consists of a bulb shaped container with the glass below.
when the amount in the glass decreases, a constant amount is poured from the tank into the glass.
never overflowing from the glass because of air pressure and water pressure.

Liquid Lamp. The designers say:

a lamp which appears to be flowing liquid.


Composition Chair. The designers say:

this chair was handmade by kouichi okamoto himself, spent over 6 months for one chair.
it was created by bending aluminium wire and crossing it one by one.
no bolts or welding is used at all.
the tools used for this design are only a jig and a pair of pliers.


Water Clock. The designers say:

please take a plate/glass,etc. and pour the water into it.
the balls that float on the water display time.
the balls can be placed in any plate/glass at your choice.


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