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A peek at what's in store for the next season of Warehouse 13

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Warehouse 13 returns tonight — and at last, we're going to get some resolution on that huge cliffhanger we've been waiting almost a year to unspool. Does anybody make it out alive, and how can they make a show about a warehouse that no longer exists?


At Comic Con, we talked to Saul Rubinek (Artie) and Allison Scagliotti (Claudia) and they told us just how different season four of Warehouse 13 will be.

Changing things up

Warehouse 13 is looking to dig a little deeper. Say goodbye to "artifact of the week" stories, which the show's writers started to feel weren't holding people's interest. In season four, the search for artifacts will no longer drive the plot.


Rubinek said the writers of Warehouse 13 aimed to take serious risks with the series, during the upcoming season. The writers will be taking some major chances with the characters and storylines, to keep the audience guessing — and prevent the show from turning back into an "artifact of the week" procedural show.

The origin of an artifact

Whereas season three aimed a spotlight at the past of several characters, season four will focus on the consequences of their decisions — and we'll learn that not every character on the show is purely good or evil. Also, over the course of season four, Warehouse 13 will also show us where the artifacts it holds originate from, with fans learning the origin and "birth" of one very special artifact.

Stressing relationships

In season four, we will also see the relationship between Artie and Claudia evolve. Their interaction with each other develops from a mentor/trainee or a father/daughter dynamic, towards Claudia going out on her own, and growing up. This will lead to a lot of tension between them, as you'd expect.


Season four of Warehouse 13 will be split into two ten episode blocks, with the second set of ten episodes airing in April 2013.

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"Season four of Warehouse 13 will be split into two ten episode blocks, with the second set of ten episodes airing in April 2013.

Would they flippin STOP that crap?!?

"Hi! We've been away for quite some time. Now we're going to return just long enough to get you interested again, and then we're going to LEAVE for another 6-8 months!"

And then the producers bitch because people lose interest. Gee, can't exactly figure THAT one out, can you?

So - second half of the 4th season in 2013... when's Season 5 going to be out - if ever? 2014?