A Peek At The First New Lost Episode

It's t-minus six days until Lost comes back on the air. There will be a real, actual, honest-to-goodness scripted real show on next Thursday. Above is one minute and fifteen seconds from the new episode, and more below. All told, we've shaved six minutes off your viewing time next week. Suffice it to say there are some minor spoilers.

So, without the commercials you've still got about 75 minutes of Lost to watch next week, and rest assured they're probably saving the really good stuff for right before the second hour ends, all the better to make you turn in the following week. However, it's worth at least part of these six minutes to see Hurley continue to assert his newfound balls. Think he'll run over someone else with the van?


Red Hot Video: Lost Sneak Previews [E! Online]

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@milesfromnowhere: I blame the network execs and their dumbass kowtowing to a few idots who couldn't handle some reruns. Like shows with continuing stories haven't been aring with occassional reruns for decades. "Ow my head! I'm so confused by seeing a previously aried episode! How am i going to make sense of the new episode next week!?!".

The resulting schedule chaos and mid-season hiatus shook off lots of viewers who got interested in other things. Plot development problems were also intorduced by the stupid mid-season hiatus crap. And now the end of January season start will have allowed so much time to pass since the last season that even people who loved the show barely care at thsi point.