A Parody Horror Trailer About A Drone That Becomes Self-Aware—And Kills

The Drone isn’t a real movie, but it’s probably only a matter of time before someone makes a horror film about a hobbyist’s quadcopter that develops a will of its own and starts terrorizing its human owners.


Of course, military drones can be scary business, but The Drone is silly, imagining one of those little quadcopters turning on its humans while skewering real horror movies. Jordan Rubin brings us this fake movie trailer.

[via GeekTyrant]

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In Galaxy magazine of June 1953, Robert Scheckley had a story about a flying robot which hunted “Watchbirds”, the title of the story.

it is availaable at Project Gutenberg at


It ends thusly:

Overhead, a Hawk was zeroing in on a watchbird.

The armored murder machine had learned a lot in a few days. Its sole function was to kill. At present it was impelled toward a certain type of living organism, metallic like itself.

But the Hawk had just discovered that there were other types of living organisms, too—

Which had to be murdered.