The labels on the back of your food are about to get an update. The big change? Making serving sizes that reflect how people actually eat.


The new label proposed today by the FDA has a couple new features on it: the print for the calorie counts and serving sizes is larger, nutrient totals are easier to find, and there's a new line item for any additional sugars that have been added.

But the biggest change by far is that no longer will a single-serving bottle of soda or a tiny bags of chips be divided up into multiple servings on the label — instead, single-serving sizes will get single-serving nutritional labels and larger sizes will also have portion sizes closer to the ones people tend to eat.

For reference, above is an FDA infographic of how serving sizes have changed over the years and what the new serving sizes would look like. And here's what the new label would look like, and what changes we would see:


So, do you find the new label and the more realistic serving sizes useful? Tell us what you think in the comments now!

Charts and infographics: FDA / Top photograph: Art Allianz / Shutterstock.


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