A New Writer Is Breathing Life Into Sherlock Holmes 3

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Five years have passed since Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law last hit the big screen as Sherlock and Watson. Now, it looks like they’re coming back again. A new writer has been hired to pen a screenplay for a third installment of the hit mystery franchise.


Deadline reports writer James Coyne has been hired to write Sherlock Holmes 3, which would bring back Downey, Law, and director Guy Ritchie. Drew Pearce had been hired years ago to do the same thing—but there’s no word on what came of that.

Late last week, Downey confirmed to ShortList that the movie would film by the end of this year, so it seems like there’s some kind of general idea in place. Now Coyne just needs to get it down on paper.



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Finally! The Ritchie films are the most accurate adaptations to the spirit of ACD’s work (yes, yes, the Granada stuff is good, but far too Victorian and not as thrilling as the original stories). RDJ aside (and he is good, just not the best), every actor is the best at the roles they play. I’ve been waiting five years for them to start work on the third one. Finally.

So...Adventure of the Empty House meets House of the Baskervilles?