A New Witchblade TV Show Is in the Works at NBC

Yancy Butler in TNT’s Witchblade adaptation, circa 2000.
Yancy Butler in TNT’s Witchblade adaptation, circa 2000.

Witchblade is coming to TV... again. Image’s supernatural comic series has a new show planned for NBC from the team behind Vampire Diaries, and someone out there is hoping the golden age of comic book TV can mean that the second (technically, third) time’s a charm for detective Sara Pezzini.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the show, being produced by Sony Pictures Television for NBC, will be written by Caroline Dries, who will executive produce the show alongside her fellow Vampire Diaries producer and writer, Brian Young, as well as Sony TV’s Carol Mendelsohn and the co-creator of the original comic series at Image’s Top Cow Productions imprint, Marc Silvestri.

Like the initial incarnation of the comic, the show will follow cop Sara Pezzini (although transposed to San Francisco’s Mission District, rather than the New York City setting of the original) as she comes into contact with the mysterious Witchblade amulet, a sentient bracelet passed down through female hosts with tremendous supernatural power... which she then proceeds to use to help her solve crime. So it’ll be a procedural with supernatural elements, basically.


It’s not the first time the series has been adapted beyond its comic book origins—there’s of course, the aforementioned TNT series that ran for two seasons, and a failed attempt at a live action movie in 2008. This time, presumably NBC is hoping this new take on Witchblade will stick around for a little longer.

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