The Watchmen Trailer Lands With Vigilante Cops, Squids, and Dr. Manhattan

Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Image: HBO
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Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The Doomsday Clock is on its way to midnight, and the Watchmen are out in force.


Even though HBO didn’t plan a Watchmen panel at the big show, the second day of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 has graced us with a full trailer for its Watchmen adaptation, the network’s first stab at superheroes.

Courtesy of Damon Lindelof, it’s a slick, modern adaptation, taking a stab at reinterpreting the material and leaping forward in the future a solid ten years after Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ original book. Take a gander.

A fascinating mixture of new and old, this adaptation of Watchmen features motifs and quotes familiar to fans of the original, alongside new images and whole new sources of dread. All on Earth is chaos, with superheroic upheaval, investigations from cops masked and otherwise, and supers everywhere. And Doctor Manhattan? “Doctor Manhattan lives on fucking Mars,” which is a compelling hint at how this might fit into the timeline of the original.

This new version of the series will star Regina King kicking a lot of ass, Jeremy Irons (as Ozymandias), Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson (as an FBI agent), and Jean Smart (as a new character named Agent Blake).

HBO will be airing Watchmen this October.

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Jack Feerick

Agent Blake might not be a new character, though; she introduced herself as “Laurie Blake” — meaning she could be Laurie Juspeczyk, a.k.a. Silk Spectre II, ten years older and now using the surname of her biological father.