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A New Walking Dead: World Beyond Trailer Hits the Road and Fights Some Zombies

The stars of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
The stars of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
Photo: AMC
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Imagine the zombie apocalypse was all you knew. Your parents may remember a time when society was normal, but for your generation, the zombies are normal. In recent years, that’s become one of the more interesting ideas on The Walking Dead, and now it’s the subject of its own show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.


The third iteration of the zombie hit premieres on AMC April 12, and with last night’s return of the main Walking Dead, a few new teasers for the show were released. One was a colorful tone piece, showing off a bit of the show’s more youthful vibe, but the second was the main event. It’s got lots of new footage, characters and a real sense of the scope and drive of this new show.

Check it out.


Yes, as previously announced, that’s Julia Ormond in there. She plays the leader of some kind of powerful force, which you see in action in the above trailer, flying in on a helicopter and mowing down some walkers. How that group fits in with the rest of the story remains unclear, as well as how or if this show will tie in with the others. But, for fans of The Walking Dead universe, this new angle on that world is damn sure intriguing.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres April 12.

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Do these zombies never rot? Seriously, how many muscle shattering winters and flesh rotting summers does a zombie need to go through before it’s no longer a viable threat but rather a puddle of ooze? I’m over this franchise until they successfully address that.