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It’s a rare thing when the makers of a movie have a sense of humor about its failure. But that’s what’s happened with Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland. A new trailer promoting the Blu-ray release jokes about how Tomorrowland’s optimistic viewpoint didn’t play with destruction-craving audiences.


(Hence the disappointing box office.)

The trailer is for ToxiCosmos: 3 - Nowhere To Go, a film that exists as a running joke within Tomorrowland. In that world, ToxiCosmos is an “apocalyptic action” film that’s as pessimistic as Tomorrowland is optimistic. As for the trailer itself, it’s basically a sizzle reel of disaster footage from a ton of huge blockbuster hits with voiceover from Hugh Laurie’s character, David Nix. The joke is, this mindless massacre gets a trilogy of films while Tomorrowland, a film that tried to champion a positive view point, barely made it out of the starting gate. Check it out.

The press release really hammers this point home. It’s almost as good as the trailer. Here’s an excerpt:

While industry competitors at the Walt Disney Studios had hoped to curb the apocalyptic trend started by the 1984 groundbreaking classic ToxiCosmos, their big-budget, hopelessly optimistic attempt from Director Brad Bird, Tomorrowland, was met with box office indifference from a public that very firmly knows what it wants. Now, after more than a decade absence, the ToxiCosmos franchise returns.


And, of course, the production companies at the beginning of the trailer are references to classic sci-fi films Terminator, Alien, RoboCop, Blade Runner, Soylent Green and District 9.

The question is, does this clever, self-aware promotion make you want to check out Tomorrowland when it hits Blu-ray October 13? I think I’ll give it another shot.

[Toxicosmos 3]

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