A New Trailer for Stephen King's Castle Rock Shows Us Horror Around Every Corner

An ominous still from the new Castle Rock trailer.
Screenshot: Hulu

Hulu’s upcoming horror series Castle Rock draws from the reservoir of Stephen King fiction, pulling together people, places, and powers that have shown up in various creations by the horror maestro. A new teaser for the show gives us a taste of how bleak it’s going to be when it starts on July 25.

[Full disclosure: One-time io9 writer—and my good friend—Marc Bernardin was a writer on the first season of Castle Rock.]


Unveiled at Entertainment Weekly, the Castle Rock trailer looks like it’s jumping across multiple episodes to give a tonal overview of the series.

Bill Skarsgård is in there as a character who isn’t Pennywise the Clown, along with Sissy Spacek as Ruth Deaver, the adoptive mother of main character Henry Deaver (Andre Holland). It’s going to be a rather fun parlor game to see just how much King stuff will be layered into Castle Rock. We can all start playing when the show starts airing in late July.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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