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Would Warner Brothers really use the Man of Steel's precarious movie reboot as the launch pad for a new director? Maybe so, if said newbie happens to be the brother of The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan.


IESB is reporting what they themselves are calling "unconfirmed (that is the key word here, boys and girls) rumors" that Jonah Nolan, Christopher's brother and co-writer of both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (as well as being responsible for uncredited polishes on the Terminator Salvation script), will make his directorial debut on the new Superman movie. The site actually goes so far as to say that Jonah's debut is one of the main reasons behind Christopher's connection to the franchise which, if true, demonstrates a nice level of brotherly love.

The site also teases that, following Christopher Nolan's third Batmovie and Jonah's Superman, both creators will work on a Justice League movie that Christopher will direct, but somehow that sounds even more like fan wish-fulfillment than the Jonah/Superman rumor. Would Christopher Nolan really want to deal with the special effects and fanservice necessary for a JLA movie?


Big Plans For Superman, Batman & Co. [IESB]

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