A New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Reveals Sets, Costumes, Ships and a Captain's Chair

Well, this is exciting. The official Star Trek YouTube just posted an announcement that Star Trek: Discovery has begun production and the clip is loaded with teases of what the new show holds in store.


Check it out.

It’s a short video, but they packed it with teases for fans to obsess over.

There’s the costumes, which feel a little Enterprise the show circa the Prime timeline. The villains kind of have a Klingon feel, but the armor is definitely new. A new ship that’s not the Discovery looks like an upgraded version of a centaur class vessel. So many cool little details.


Star Trek: Discovery will be airing on CBS All Access, possibly in May.

[Star Trek]

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“Coming to CBS All-Access”

Huh. Still going with that BS I see. Just incredibly dumb. The value is not there for me. At the rate it would cost to pay for All-Access for a season, it would be roughly equivalent to just buying it on iTunes. So I’d rather do that or wait until all episodes have aired and pay for a single month of All-Access.

But hey. I’m sure either way CBS will blame folks like me when it does not meet projected subscriber numbers.

Just freaking give it to us On Demand via our TV provider or on regular CBS website with a cable subscription at least.