A New Star Trek Comic Will Follow Spock After the Ending of Star Trek: Discovery's Second Season

Aftermath will explore what Discovery left behind.
Image: Angel Hernandez (IDW)

Star Trek: Discovery’s season finale last week brought with it some major changes for the series, as well as the departure of Ethan Peck’s Spock and Anson Mount’s Captain Pike, their season-long stint as regulars on the show at an end. But the voyages of the Enterprise are far from over—and there’s still a bit more of their story to tell.


IDW has officially announced via the official Star Trek website a new, three-part miniseries called Star Trek: Discovery—Aftermath, penned by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson and with art by Tony Shasteen. Aftermath will center on the 23rd-century Michael Burnham and the crew of the Discovery left behind when they were forced to fling themselves nine centuries in the future to defeat the sinister A.I. Control during the finale—leaving Spock, Pike, and the rest of the 23rd Century life they’d known behind them.

The series will follow not just Pike as he attempts to negotiate the uneasy peace between the Federation and L’Rell’s Klingon Empire—still relatively raw after that whole “so we were gonna try and genocide you, here’s the detonator to a bomb we left in your homeworld’s core” thing from season 1—but Spock as well, as he reconciles the loss of Michael, after he’d only really just reunited with her. Which means uncovering some new secrets about Michael’s upbringing, both with her secret Section 31 agent parents and her life on Vulcan with Spock and his family.

The past and future collide in the full Aftermath cover.
Image: Angel Hernandez (IDW)

It’s no Spock/Pike spinoff show like some people want after Mount and Peck’s excellent performances, but it’s a start. And, interestingly, the fact that these characters are being checked in on in a tie-in comic rather than in the next season of the show itself feels like a sign that the series is truly committed to moving into its bold new premise. Leave Spock and Pike’s stories to be explored elsewhere: Discovery itself has a whole new world to see for itself!


Aftermath is set to begin this summer.

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