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Science fiction author Ken Liu is an io9 favorite; so far, he’s released one wonderful novel, The Grace of Kings, with a follow-up, The Wall of Storms, due this fall. He’s also a master of short fiction—the Chinese American writer’s first English-language collection came out earlier this year, and his 2011 story “The Paper Menagerie” picked up Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards.


Now, his words will be coming to the big screen.

The story that Studio 8 just optioned, “The Hidden Girl,” isn’t even available to read yet; it’ll be out in 2017 as part of the Gardner Dozois-edited The Book of Swords, according to Liu’s website. But it sounds totally great, according to this description on Deadline:

The story is about a team of assassins who are able to navigate between dimensions. It’s got stylish touches reminiscent of Interstellar and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


The Deadline headline suggests the end result will be a “time-travel action film,” which would be pretty rad under any circumstances. With Liu’s creativity guiding said time-travel action, however, we’re even more excited for this film to be made.

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