A New Scifi Series From The Creator Of The IT Crowd? Yes Please.

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Graham Linehan, creator of the outstanding British sitcom The IT Crowd, has a new TV show in the works. It's a science fiction/comedy titled The Cloud, which pretty much sounds like The IT Crowd in space. There is literally nothing in the sentence we aren't excited abut.

According to The Guardian, The Cloud...

...centres on the crew of a station floating around the Earth.

Cloud Station 13 is described as a place set up to protect the vast amounts of information humanity now hoards on its devices – the majority of which comprises selfies, pictures of kittens and a lot of porn.

The disparate group manning the hub are billed by the makers as being far from technical whizzes which is problematic as the technology – including a largely voice-activated ship - is unreliable.


Have they tried turning the ship off and on again?

[Via Blastr]

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Question: how good is the IT Crowd? It's been sitting idle and unwatched in my queue for a while now. Should it be moved to the top of my list?