A New Jessica Jones Teaser Introduces the Final Season's Premiere Date and Villain

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.
Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.
Image: Netflix
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Jessica Jones is the last of Marvel’s Defenders to make her exit from Netflix’s corner of the MCU, but before she leaves, there’s one last case she’s got to solve. And it’s going to push the hard-drinking hero to her limits at a time when she’s already stretched thin.

In a new, brief teaser trailer for Jessica Jones’ third and final season, a deranged sociopath who sees Jessica as a fraud has the investigator set in his sights. While Trish is still around to provide her friend with some much-needed backup, the would-be killer is much closer to accomplishing his goals than either hero realizes.

Jessica Jones season 3 premieres June 14.

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Jeremy Strang

In the lead-up to Defenders, there was a clear sense of escalation regarding the goings on. Things became more and more fantastical and over-the-top with each series. Then Defenders kinda squandered that lead-up. And everything since feels like it’s kinda wallowing in a sense of grim self-seriousness. I really didn’t think I would end up this disappointed by this entire project.