When you’re around 10 years old, you do everything you possibly can to avoid the Santa Claus display at your local mall. But not if you live in Cherry Hill, NJ, because the mall there built a Santa display that’s a perfect miniature replica of Ralphie Parker’s house from A Christmas Story—leg lamp and all.


The film wasn’t exactly a massive hit when first released back in 1983, but A Christmas Story has since become one of the, if not the most popular Christmas movies year after year. So Cherry Hill Mall hired Parker 3D, a local exhibits maker, to design and build this epic backdrop that almost certainly has even adults lining up to get a photo with Santa.


Instagrammer @Sexyarmpit posted a walkaround video of the setup, which includes the Parker’s living room with glowing leg lamp in the window, the spiral slide from the department store scene, and even the giant wooden crate labeled “fra-geel-ay.” (Must be Italian.) The attention to detail will please even passing A Christmas Story fans, and I’m sorely tempted to fly to New Jersey this weekend to have my wedding photos reshot.

[Instagram @Sexyarmpit]

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