A New Harley Quinn Animated Series Is Coming to DC's Streaming Service

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

When, or if, we’ll see Harley Quinn back on the big screen remains a mystery. On the small screen, though, she’ll be back sooner than expected, and she’ll have a starring role.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. just ordered 26 episodes of a new show called Harley Quinn, a “half-hour adult animated action-comedy series” that will air on the upcoming DC streaming platform. It’s the third show announced for the platform, the other two being the live-action Titans show and new, animated Young Justice show.

Harley Quinn will be produced and written by Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, who did the NBC show Powerless, and Warner Bros. Animation’s Dean Lorey. It won’t feature the Joker, but will instead follow Harley after she’s severed ties with him and gone off on her own. It is, however, expected to include Poison Ivy and other DC characters.


The show is currently in development so there’s no timeline on when it would appear on the streaming service. But, to be fair, we don’t know when the streaming service will come online either. All DC is saying is “2018.”

As for Harley’s big screen return, it was first rumored to be in either Suicide Squad 2 or Gotham City Sirens, but then the possibility of a Joker and Harley movie was floated as well. So really, especially after the disappointing opening of Justice League, that character is as up in the air as the rest of the DC heroes and villains. In fact, Harley fans are more likely to see this new animated show before Margot Robbie comes back to the role. Unless, Robbie voices the character on the show, which Deadline reports is a possibility.


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