Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, the protector of the City Enduring.
Image: Jamal Campbell (DC Comics)

After introducing some of the wildest stories into the DC Comics canon, the Young Animal imprint came to an end last fall, and the fates of many of the characters who made frequent appearances in books like Doom Patrol were cast into question. Now, though, Young Animal’s roaring back to life with a trio of new series worth getting excited about.

Take a look at the new series DC announced this morning.

The cover of Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1.
Image: James Harvey (DC Comics)

Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds

Beginning this July, Gerard Way is returning to DC to partner with co-writer Jeremy Lambert and artists James Harvey, Doc Shaner, Nick Pitarra, and Becky Cloonan on Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds, a cosmic adventure that takes the team of misfits beyond the boundaries of our color system on a road trip of sorts that introduces them to all manner of strange, and wonderful lifeforms entirely unlike themselves. Given DC Universe’s excellent Doom Patrol TV series, it makes sense that the publisher would want to follow up the first season of the show with a new comic featuring most of the characters people have become familiar with in their live-action incarnations.

Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds is available July 3.

The cover of Collapser #1.
Image: lias Kyriazis (DC Comics)


Way’s younger brother and My Chemical Romance bandmate Mikey is also getting into the DC Comics game with Collapser, a series he’s writing with Shaun Simon which will feature illustrations from lias Kyriazis about Liam James. It’s about an unsuccessful DJ whose life changes one day when he receives a mysterious package in that mail that somehow holds a miniature black hole. The black hole imbues Liam with unimaginable powers and sucks him into itself the way black holes are known to do, and before long, being a DJ is the last thing on his mind.


Collapser hits stores July 17.

The cover of Far Sector #1.
Image: Jamal Campbell (DC Comics)

Far Sector

From the minds of multiple Hugo Award-winner N.K. Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell comes Far Sector, a story about Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, the Green Lantern tasked with protecting the City Enduring, a sprawling megalopolis where billions of people all live in relative peace because the city’s residents have been made not to feel emotions. Jemisin described her as a “frontier sheriff,” apart from the Green Lantern Corps. With the absence of emotion, crime isn’t much of a problem Mullein has to deal with. But when feeling begins to return to the city, a whole host of challenges come along with it, and it’s up to Jo to take care of business.


In a Twitter thread, Jemisin explained that while Jo’s very much a Green Lantern, the uniqueness of her ring and outpost put her in a position none of her fellow Corps members can scarcely imagine. Despite being located on a Dyson swarm (a variation of a Dyson sphere), the City Enduring is something of a cosmic “frontier” with an epic history of its own involving colonialism.


Far Sector launches sometime this year.

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