What if Doctor Who actually had a fifth anniversary special in 1968, featuring original stars William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton... plus the War Doctor, played by movie Doctor Peter Cushing? That's the premise of this amazing art project by Colin Brockhurst.

Brockhurst is selling some "memorabilia" from this story, "The Day of Doctor Who" on eBay — including the above Radio Times cover. Plus a signed "BBC" photo of Cushing, an official-looking button with Cushing's face, and some TV listings. Here's how he describes it:

Finally available again, a selection of ephemera relating to the forgotten Fifth Anniversary Doctor Who adventure, The Day of Doctor Who, transmitted on Saturday November 23rd, 1968, and starring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and the mysterious 'War Doctor', Peter Cushing. Unlikely as it may sound, not a single copy is known to survive, not even a soundtrack...


But the best part is the photoshopped "telesnaps" from the story, which show how Hartnell's Doctor meets Queen Elizabeth, and then gets drawn into an adventure with the shape-shifting Chameleons, alongside Troughton and the forgotten War Doctor:

More details over at Brockhurst's site. [via SFSignal and NWhyte]

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