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A new trailer for Doctor Who season four has been showing in British movie theaters, and now some blurry cameraphone copies have turned up online. We have the least eye-abusing of these, plus some crazy-but-maybe-true Doctor Who rumors. We also have some new Lost spoilers, and a first look at the latest addition to the Stargate: Atlantis cast. Because there's no point in being surprised later.


So here's that Doctor Who trailer. It seems as though Donna is friends (or kin) with that old newspaper-seller whom the Doctor met in the latest Christmas special. And she regrets letting the Doctor get away in the Christmas special before that. So now she's keeping her eyes open for him, and later she spots him but can't make herself understood through two panes of glass. Also, there's a giant wasp, and a hand popping out of some green liquid, and the Doctor blows out some kind of smoke, and there's fighting. And wet Martha. And Rose.

More spoilers:

  • Crazy new Doctor Who season four rumors: Colonel Mace, the military officer in the two-part adventure with the warlike cloned Sontarans, will be the new version of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the soldier who helped the Doctor from the late 60s onward. Noel Clarke may be back as Mickey. We'll see John Simm as the Master again, but only in a flashback... and that DNA-changing fob watch will be back. Finally, the Doctor must decide which of his companions lives and which dies... and he chooses to sacrifice the annoying Donna. (Quite right too.) [Doctor Who Insania]
  • A Lost extra says all the non-speaking castaways are starting to get killed off. And he spotted Dominic Monaghan wandering around Oahu, which may mean he'll be back on the show. [DocArzt]
  • And not only does Juliet kiss Jack in Lost episode six, she also has sex with Goodwin. The hussy. [Lyly Ford]
  • In the Feb. 26 episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarah breaks into FBI agent Ellison's apartment seeking a Terminator arm, and Summer Glau takes a ballet class, hoping it'll lead her to the chess computer that may be the forebear of Skynet. (And why does Summer Glau have to do ballet in everything again?) [SpoilerTV]
  • Stargate: Atlantis may have lost Amanda Tapping as a regular, but it's gained Captain Alice Vega (Leela Savasta), who's a semi-regular character in season five. Capt. Vega appears in the season premiere, "Search and Rescue," and by episode four she's leading her own Atlantis recon team. Here's the first photo of her in uniform. [Gateworld]
Illustration for article titled A New Glimpse Of Doctor Who Season Four

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