A New Doctor Deserves A New Tardis

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When Matt Smith takes over as the BBC's favorite Time Lord next year, he won't be the only new look on an old favorite; rumors are surfacing that the Tardis is also getting a redesign.


British newspaper the Daily Mirror is reporting that the interior of Doctor Who's home will be given "a radical new look" when the show returns for its fifth season in 2010. The decision was, according to the paper, made by incoming showrunner Stephen Moffat, in part to make sure that the time machine will look good in high-definition.

An anonymous source told the paper that the new look will be "the most hitech, intricate Tardis ever," which makes me a little nervous. The Tardis... high tech? I kind of liked the steampunk chic of the Russell T. Davies era, myself...


Tardis to be redesigned for arrival of new Time Lord Matt Smith [Mirror.co.uk]

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What is this moron, as stupid as JJ Abrams is for fucking with the icons of true science fiction? What an arrogant asshole.