The Newest Detective Pikachu Trailer Introduces a Surprising Legendary Pokémon

Justice Smith as Tim Goodman and his surly friend Pikachu.
Justice Smith as Tim Goodman and his surly friend Pikachu.
Image: Warner Bros.
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With every new glimpse of the film, Detective Pikachu keeps looking like it might be one of the most visually-stunning Pokémon movies of all time, and just in time for the announcement of what’s probably going to be a new flagship Pokémon game, a new trailer has just dropped.


While the new trailer’s light in the way of major plot details, it understands that that isn’t really what anyone’s here for—we all just want to see more of the film’s CGI Pokémon simply existing in a live-action world, and it’s got plenty of that and a great look at just how paranoid Detective Pikachu is.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 10 2019.

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DL Thurston

Looks like this could claim the title of best video game movie. Which, to be fair, is a low bar to clear as the title is currently more accurately “least bad video game movie.”