A New Deep Space Nine Documentary Reveals What Would Have Happened in Season Eight

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Deep Space Nine has been both praised and derided as the “Black Sheep” of the Star Trek universe. Now, almost 25 years after the series debuted, some of the shows stars and writers are coming together to make a documentary all about where DS9 took us, as well as where it would’ve gone if it had gotten another season.


Showrunner Ira Steven Behr recently launched a fundraising campaign for What We Left Behind (an homage to the title of the show’s final episode), a documentary all about the changing legacy of Deep Space Nine. The show may have started out as one of Star Trek’s most-divisive franchises, but it’s since grown a dedicated fanbase that recognizes just how challenging and provoking the series truly was. Spoilers: It’s my favorite Star Trek show, in case you couldn’t tell.

Adam Nimoy, who previously made For the Love of Spock, has signed on to direct this latest Star Trek documentary, which features interviews with almost all of the show’s stars. Sadly, it’s still missing Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko), but at least they’re chatting with Vic Fontaine!

On top of that, Behr got some of the show’s writers together to workshop a planned eighth season, primarily the first episode, to see where the show would’ve gone after Sisko had joined the Prophets. Even though the show’s finale was near-perfect, closing many of the show’s lingering storylines, so many things could happen in the future. Would Kira and Odo ever be reunited? When would Sisko return, as promised, and would he be the same person he was before? Or is he basically full Space Jesus now?

The campaign is looking to raise $150,000 to finish filming and editing the documentary, as well as secure distribution. If funded, it’s set to come out February 2018.

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Clarification: Previous version incorrectly named Ira Steven Behr as Steven Behr. The article has been updated.


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It’s going to be tricky doing a DS9 documentary without Sisko.... though I’m in for hearing about season 8.

AlsoI saw The Captains documentary recently. Has Brooks always been that bonkers?