Cover art by Chuck Whelon

San Francisco has long been a favorite science fiction setting onscreen—think Star Trek’s Starfleet Command, or the recent Planet of the Apes films. Now, a new comic anthology, Sci-Fi San Francisco, brings SF-set speculative fiction to the page, and we’ve got a sneak peek at one of its entries.

The book is edited by former longtime io9 staffer Lauren Davis, herself an artist and Bay Area resident. The 20 black-and-white comics it contains, from an array of talented artists and writers (full list here), touch on an array of subjects that tie into San Francisco’s current culture, like this one: “When their rent in their version of San Francisco gets too high, a couple hires an interdimensional real estate agent.” That said, they can be pretty universal, too: “In the distant future, humans have become the city’s underclass, enduring the verbal abuse of wealthy robots;” and “A cat-loving wrestler wakes up in a distant future where he becomes the champion of a race of hyper-evolved felines.”


Sci-Fi San Francisco is running a Kickstarter to help with printing costs. Learn more about that here, and get a sample of what you can expect from the finished project by checking out Jonas Madden-Connor’s “The Malware Falcon”— a play on Dashiell Hammett’s classic San Francisco noir story The Maltese Falcon—which Davis describes as a “super creepy noir-homage about a blackmailer who is able to erase people’s digital identities.”


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