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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Daybreakers's vampire protagonist has a close encounter of the human kind. A Thor rumor gets quashed, and we get updates on the Inglourious Basterds prequel and 30 Days of Night sequel. Plus, spoilers from True Blood, Lost, Dollhouse, and Chuck.


We get a human-vamp encounter in a new clip. [via CinemaBlend]



Apparently, there was a rumor that Jude Law was going to be in the movie. He's not. [MTV]

Inglourious Basterds Prequel

Quentin Tarantino has written 40 pages of the prequel to his history-shattering slaughterfest, but he's working on a "less epic" picture first. [MTV]


30 Days of Night: Dark Days

Producer JR Young talked about the sequel to the vamps-in-Alaska adaptation, which takes the widowed Stella Olemaun to Los Angeles to try to expose vampires to the world:

I think the second film definitely stays within the world of the first film and it stays true to the second graphic novel in the series for those fans out there. The story is within that world but there are differences and a lot of that is due to the graphic novel. The first film is very much a survival film and this next one is all about revenge. There's an action component. The last one is a western, this one is more of a war movie. It's taking the battle to the vampires.



True Blood

Alan Ball has confirmed that he's looking at a Latino actor in his 30s to play Lafayette's boyfriend. [EW]



Apparently, one of the following spoilers is false, and the other is true:

* We find out John Locke is related to C*****s *id**re [Charles Widmore] and J*** ***ph*** [Jack Shepherd] in a way you would never ever expect-yes, "related" as in by blood!

* Terry O'Quinn does something bat-poop insane involving a character we have known since the very first episode of Lost's first season, then says: "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."




Eliza Dushku's real-life boyfriend Rick Fox will have a brief cameo in the January 8th episode. He'll be one of dozens of Dolls imprinted with their original personalities and then released from the Dollhouse. We'll also Summer Glau return during that episode. [EW]



We've mentioned that Fringe is filling some of its second season gap with an unaired episode from season one. That episode, "Unearthed," features a girl who, after being pronounced dead, is taken off life support only to wake up and star screaming alphanumeric code. And, for those who miss Charlie, Kirk Acevedo will be in the episode. [MTV]


And here's a promo that appears to contain footage from the episode. [via Spoiler TV]


After "Unearthed," the next two episodes will be titled "Edina City Limits" and "Jacksonville." [Spoiler TV]


Michael Ausiello has seen the first three episodes of the season and says they're phenomenal — and there's nary a Subway sandwich to be seen. The first episode picks up six or ten months after last season's finale, and we'll see a recurring character die. We'll also find out that a recurring character is secretly a fan of Wilson Phillips. And we'll get a look at Morgan's huge collection of something. We'll be seeing lots of Awesome in the third episode — and his bare chest will apparently guest star. [EW]


Zachary Levi explains Chuck's connection with Kristin Kreuk's chracter Hannah:

They're both tech geeks. They're both into that world where they know how to reboot servers off of backup script.


Kreuk has filmed three episodes so far, but may be back for more. [Fancast]

The latest promo focuses on Chuck's choice between being a spy and being with Sarah. [via ChuckTV]



According to Deanne Bray's Facebook account, Emma will appear in at least five more episodes, including the January fourth winter premiere. [Spoiler TV]


The puzzle pieces fall together in a trailer for the January return. [via Spoiler TV]


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