A New Brain Interface Controller for Video Games — Or Maybe Something Naughtier

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Last night a company called Emotiv showed off its latest generation BCI (that's brain-computer interface) controller to a bunch of nerds from the Game Developer Conference — including our sister site Kotaku's brave and fearless Brian Crecente. Basically, you stick this helmet on your head and control what's on screen via brain-generated electricity that's picked up by EEG sensors. Brian wasn't that impressed — as you can see in the video he made, it's not exactly zappy gameplay. But it does open up BCI controllers to the masses in a way that just hasn't happened before. Of course, somebody has already come up with a way to turn this into a sex toy.


Those of us lucky enough to see Kyle "qDot" Machulis give his presentation last year at Arse Elektronika know that he and his irrepressible sex tech pals are working on brain interfaces for cybersex. Some of the ideas he's proposing will make it into his talk at this year's Etech conference.

How would a brain interface sex toy work? You could meet up for cybering in SecondLife, control your sexy avatar with your BCI device, and keep your hands free for . . . you know, stuff. Or you could do some cross-network biofeedback action. As you get more excited, your brain would direct a cursor to a special spot on the screen, or move your avatar in a certain way. Then your cybering partner, who is of course controlling your special vibrating space egg, could send a command from her computer to rev that vibration up higher. Pretty soon, your brain is hitting the special spot, the space egg is zooming, and you've got the perfect BCI sex toy.

Please, Mr. Machulis, invent this as soon as possible. I need one like five minutes ago.

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@mik3cap: Great flippin movie, I was going to suggest it to them for Found Footage over in the mind control post (even though it isn't about controling minds). But you nailed it, thats the recording device. Brainstorm is an undiscovered classic that got scuttled due to Natalie Wood dying before it came out. Everyone go see it if you haven't.