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A New Age of Heroes and Villains Begins in the First English-Dub Trailer for My Hero Academia Season 4

Get your shoot style on, because you’ll get a kick out of this new My Hero trailer.
Get your shoot style on, because you’ll get a kick out of this new My Hero trailer.
Image: Toho Animation/Funimation
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My Hero Academia is on its way back after an explosive third season—but if you’ve been waiting to hear what to expect out of Deku and his new friends (and enemies) without having to read subtitles, Funimation has finally given us our first look at season 4's English dub.


As revealed at Funimation’s My Hero panel at San Diego Comic-Con, IGN just exclusively dropped the English-language dub trailer for the hit superhero anime’s fourth season:

Set in the stunning wake of All Might (Christopher Sabat)’s retirement as the number one superhero in the world, My Hero Academia’s fourth season sees young Deku (Justin Briner) encounter new friends—the U.A. Academy third-years known as “The Big Three”, Mirio Togata (Ricco Fajardo), Tamaki Amajiki (Aaron Dismuke), and Nejire Hado (Lindsay Seidel)—and new foes—mainly in the form of the mysterious Overhaul (Kellen Goff)—as the world of both heroes and villains alike seek to capitalize on the uneasy sate of superpowered affairs established by All Might’s retirement.


My Hero Academia returns to Funimation October 2019.

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