We already outsource our memories, calculations and a lot of our fact-checking to Google and other systems. But what happens when the computers start actually guessing what we're going to think before we think it? That's the subject of this unnerving flash fiction by Schlock Mercenary's Howard Tayler.

Titled "Who Was That One Guy in That One Movie?", the story is basically just a sketch of an idea, but it's no less potent for that. Here's how it begins:

Sometime next week, or maybe next year…

"Google, who was that one guy in that one movie? The one with the–"

"Russell Crowe."

"RIGHT! That's him. That's… okay, how did you do that?"

"You watched a documentary on the Roman Colosseum last night. This morning you lingered over an article about the local homeless problem, and in that article the president of the Food Bank talked about the movie Shelter, which starred Jennifer Connelly.


Read the rest over at Tayler's website. [h/t Danny]