A nanoscopic view of your hair after it's been bleached

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Some might say that if you've got access to an atomic force microscope, you'd want to learn about the fundamental structures of molecules or something. But we know better. We want to know how much nano-damage our hair is suffering after it's been bleached.


On the left, you can see a so-called normal hair that probably isn't vibrant pink or midnight blue. According to the Guardian, which has a great gallery of nano-scale images today:

On the untreated hair you can see layers, called cuticles, separated by steps like overlapping roof tiles. Bleaching erases these steps, damaging the hair and leaving behind a rough surface.


This, in other words, is how you are destroying your hair at the nanoscale just to get that lovely purple mane. Worth it? I think so.

See more incredible atomic force microscope images of everything from paint chips to new kinds of electrochemical capacitors over at the Guardian.

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So that's why bleaching your hair more easily lets you get bright colors. Not only does it make it white, but also increases the surface area, which allows more dye to bind to it.