Jumper won't be in theaters for three weeks, but you can do the viral marketing dance and comb through its website for clues about the movie. In fact, if you hit the "jump" button and take yourself to Tokyo, you might spot a reference to a certain scifi blog in the background, right next to a strutting Samuel L. Jackson.


Okay, we know that's probably an address reading "109" on the top of that building in the background, but it's fun for us to pretend that they decided to feature our nanotech-grown Tokyo headquarters in this new "teleport your ass everwhere" movie. We wouldn't have taken any product placement dough in return, just the ability to leap through space and leave jumpscars all over the world.

The megaversion of the above photo can be found here, or you can gather the codes and stuff that you need to jump to Tokyo on the Jumper site here.