Some fantasy comics come with rich worldbuilding and Amya is one of them. It all starts when a mute and sheltered noblewoman encounters a young man from her past, only to find them both kidnapped—but it tuns out this lady has strange connections to the goddess of destiny.

Writers Savannah Houston-McIntyre and Andrew Hewitt and artist Rebecca Gunter bring the high fantasy webcomic Amya to life. At the heart is Faye, a mute noblewoman with a talent for fire magic and an overriding love of books. One day in the marketplace, she encounters Accel, a runaway lordling from a family of priestly aristocrats. When the pair find themselves kidnapped by a mercenary, it's only the beginning of their troubles.


Initially, Accel thinks he's the target of all the forces that come after them, but he gradually realizes that there is something strange about Faye. She's far stronger than her pacific demeanor would suggest, and she is somehow linked to Seraphine a divine figure whose faith insists that you can never change your fate. Accel believes he has been running away from his familial responsibilities, but has he actually been running toward his destiny?

Meanwhile, the world of Amya is on the brink of war, and various factions are vying for power, civil rights—and Faye. It's clear that Houston-McIntyre and Hewitt have thoroughly plotted out the history and politics of their world. There is a sense that Faye and Accel stand at an important moment in history, but fortunately, the team doesn't neglect its characters in the process. They are what make Amya shine, especially the people who eventually join Faye and Accel on their journey, people with very interesting backstories of their own.