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A Music Video Gives Us a Good Look at The Giver's Climax

This music video for One Republic's original song for The Giver's soundtrack shows a lot from the major action set piece of the story. Between this and the trailer, it really feels like what we've seen spans the whole movie.


Okay, so spoilers from the book from here out.

The music video has more from Jonas' flight from his town with his precious child burden then we've ever seen before. With that and the trailer giving us so much from before he runs, the only thing we haven't really seen a lot of is Jonas and Jeff Bridges' Giver revisiting memories.


Is anyone else now so used to plots being kept so top secret that they don't trust trailers anymore? Having read the book, there's not a lot missing from this video or the trailer, but I'm starting to irrationally worry that there's some movie-style twist they're hiding. I guess we'll find out when the movie comes out August 15.

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I'm wondering if they're not going all super secretive with the trailer mostly 'cause The Giver is required reading at a number of US middle schools and has basically been part of the American children's lit canon for decades now. Like they don't care about the audience being surprised 'cause they fully expect that much of the audience is at least passingly familiar with the story.