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A Murderous Batman Is Coming to Titans' Explosive Season Finale

Batman murdering cops as Starfire hunts him down.
Image: DC Universe

While the first season of DC Universe’s Titans has focused mainly on its titular heroes’ paths to finding each other and becoming the only team capable of averting the oncoming apocalypse, the trailer for the show’s season finale makes a hard pivot into a new story about the world’s greatest detective.


Technically speaking, Bruce Wayne’s already kinda sorta made the briefest of cameos on Titans, in flashbacks to Dick Greyson’s youth when Bruce first took him in as his ward. After months of trying to stay as far away from Gotham as he possibly could, Dick’s finally going home—specifically because from the looks of it, Batman’s finally snapped and the people of Gotham now recognize him as the unhinged maniac he’s always been.

Judging from Kory’s much more conspicuous look and the fact that Batman’s running around straight up killing people, it’s more than likely that “Dick Grayson” (the finale’s title) will be something of an Elseworlds-esque story that’s either set in another dimension or an illusion taking place in Dick’s mind. Regardless, if you’ve been waiting to see Batman and Robin beat the hell out of one another, Titans will have you covered when the finale begins streaming on December 21.


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Ugggh. With how terrible WB has handled almost all of their DC properties in the last ten years, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if this turned out to be real and not be a dream/alternative dimension.

I’m sick of dark and gritty, and that’s the main reason why I’ve avoided Titans and DC’s streaming service as a whole.