A Moving Horror Film About Two Boys Who Fall In Love In A Mental Clinic

Here's a short horror film that gets under the skin in more ways than one. At a teen mental health clinic, Jonah proudly refuses to socialize with the other patients — until he gets a new roommate, one whom he gradually feels a connection to. But why doesn't Jonah's new roommate ever sleep?


The Last Time I Saw Richard was written and directed Nicholas Verso and funded by Screen Australia's Springboard programme. Although a mental hospital is a familiar setting for supernatural films, this one goes in a slightly different direction, one that focuses in on the relationship between its two lead characters. It is a moody and haunting watch.

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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The acting and overall feel of the film is quite good. But feels like it wasn't executed to it's full extent. I feel like the creator was trying to show that Richard was the inner voice of the main character, or a split personality, the id to the main character's ego? A startling and horrifying glance at what life can be like for people who deal with psychoses. But it's unclear. And so where it really should be excellent example of 'this is what it's like', it feels almost exploitative of people with mental disorders. 'Oh look there goes the magical person with bipolar disorder, that disease makes that person just so much more interesting!' Which is a real shame, because I think it was very close to being wonderfully emotive and instructive and compassionate (in it's own way). Comes across as a muddle, broody, suspense/thriller.

tl:dr It is more disappointing for what it might have been than for what it actually is.

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