A Movie About the Supervillain Witness Protection Program? Yes, Please.

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Incognito, the noir-flavored Marvel comic from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, is heading to Fox. Will this real-worldish, superpowered flick fare better than the latest round of comic book movies?

The marketplace has not been overly kind to comic-book movies as of late, with both Kick-Ass and The Losers underperforming — and getting their asses kicked by cute dragons. Of course, Iron Man 2 will change all of that this weekend, but IM is a known quantity. In this climate, how is Hollywood feeling about films based on characters no one's ever heard of?

Pretty good, it seems. Fox has just acquired Brubaker and Phillips' Incognito — about a career criminal named Zack Overkill who rats on his boss, gets a new boring identity, but develops a taste for the vigilante life — and hired Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan to write the screenplay. Which definitely shows confidence in both the genre and the material. But wouldn't it be nice, one of these days, to see the words "Brubaker will adapt his own comic"?


I'm just sayin'.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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Snow leopard

For what it’s worth, I thought How to Train Your Dragon was an awesome movie. Why does Io9 give so much coverage to stuff like Toy Story when I saw next to nothing about an upcoming movie with dragons and Vikings? Is that’s not right up this site’s alley I don’t what is. You guys cover that new animated plate helm wearing Owl movie coming out and I’ll give you a cookie.

As for Kick-Ass, why are people surprised that such an ultra-violent film didn’t do so hot? I mean, there are a lot of Mark Miller fans out there, but if Watchmen, a film with an even more rabid fan base and similar subject material, couldn’t grab audiences, why would we expect this would? It’s a film largely about deranged superhero vigilantes and adolescents violently killing people and in turn, getting the crap beat out of them. It sounds interesting, but it’s not exactly the type of movie you’d bring a date to see and may not even be the kind of film a lot of traditional comic book fans would want to watch.

The Losers looked kind of cool, but I felt the marketing didn’t really do anything to distinguish it from all the other pre-blockbuster season action fare out there. Most people probably just perceived it as April filler.

I’m happy for Dragon’s success and highly suggest seeing it. It was simply an enjoyable and entertaining film. It stinks when some other more challenging films can’t do better, but I can still see justice in the world when intelligent and well-written PG-rated fare does well.