An Unusual Duo Foils a Dastardly Plot in This Wonderfully Zany Animated Short

Who is DuckManBoy? One’s a duck-headed, man-bodied, suit-wearing, long-suffering business type; the other’s a boy-headed, duck-bodied free spirit whose fondness for meat-based shakes sets the bickering duo on a collision course with a madman who’d like to add them to his latest recipe. Gasp!

This short, by Louis Hudson and Ian Ravenscroft, was produced as part of the 2014-2015 Nickelodeon International Animated Shorts Program. It packs a lot of wackiness and creativity into three minutes—plus, the voice actors are hilarious, and the theme song is jaunty as hell.


Oh, and it has this little guy as a bonus, too:

Yep. Watch and enjoy!


[Via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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